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"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together."

-African proverb

While leadership is a choice, not a position, it is indeed a tough job to lead. Tech Leadership has become more challenging in the new normal. IT's always-on paradigm leads to busy work schedules, and Tech Leaders frequently fail to take care of their health. The focus remains on taking care of enterprise technology and running it successfully, which leaves virtually little time to focus on their health. Being healthy is crucial to leading well. Our health impacts every area of our life. Unhealthy lifestyle choices bring down the quality of our life and hurt our ability to lead.

Walking is termed as the best exercise with lots of health benefits. Research done at Stanford University by Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz has found that a person's creative output increased by an average of 60% while walking. Henry David Thoreau once said, "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow." Scientists who came after Thoreau have discovered why this may be so: Walking pumps more blood and oxygen to our brain. What's more, there appears to be a deep relationship between how we move our bodies and the way we think.

Seeing all the benefits of movement, especially walking CIO's of India urges you to take the #WalkingPledge for 2021. We invite you and your Spouse for a life-changing journey to take a pledge of health at the Start of 2021.

Every participant in this challenge is a winner as he wins health and fantastic prizes throughout the journey. Walk challenge will be in three stages & gratification will be provided in each phase and upon completion of all three stages.

Once you register we will have a validation round as a testing process on a specified day, to check data transfer.


This walking program aims to spread awareness regarding health and well being among the tech community and promote the "Fit India" initiative. The idea is to make not only the Tech leader to be healthy but to make the entire family be aware of a healthy lifestyle that is outside the virtual world that they tend to live in this time. This program is to motivate the entire family to go outside and engage in activities that are good for our physical as well as mental health. This #WalkingPledge is a small step towards the path of a fit and healthy life.


Tech Leaders (CIOs/CISOs/Head ITs and IT decision-makers) & their Spouse


The minimum individual walking distance for this challenge is 3KM per day. Following are the steps to be performed for this challenge,

Register yourself and your spouse on clicking here

Please send the WhatsApp at Walkingpledge21 to 9310046566

Download and register in the Strava app ( in case you are not using it)

Join CIOs of India Strava group as per communication you will receive from CIOs of India

When you start walking during the day (morning or evening or both times). You have to click on record and then click on Start so that Strava will record your walking/jogging/running activity.

If you are using any GPS devices, e.g., Garmin, Apple watch, etc. Or any other fitness app, then you can sync the native app with Strava, and as soon you complete your activity, it will update in Strava.

Whatever device or app you will be using, you have to start and end the activity in order to record your distance. 

If you are not able to complete the minimum mandatory quota of 3 KM walk in one go, you can complete the same in a maximum of two walks. This restriction is only for the minimum quota; however, you can walk any number of times during the day provided you record the same on Strava.


Stage – I

This phase will have 21 (twenty-one) days of the walking challenge, and registration will start from Dec 31, 2020

Start Date: Jan 10, 2021, End Date: Jan 31, 2021

Stage – II

This phase will have 60 days of the walking challenge

Start Date: Feb 01, 2021, End Date: Apr 01, 2021

Stage – III

This phase will have 100 days of the walking challenge

Start Date: Apr 02, 2021, End Date: Jul 10, 2021


Health is the best reward that you will get by joining this program. You will also be a part of a healthy community where all the participants would motivate each other. In order to motivate you, we will share tips, knowledge articles, and other relevant details with you from time to time. We will also conduct health-related sessions, yoga sessions, and other relevant sessions for you. In this program, everyone is a winner; however, leaders in each stage will receive some special gratification declared by CIOs of India.

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants registering for the event are doing so on their own will and consent. The participants are responsible for their safety and the safety of others during the walking challenge. CIOs of India and/or organizing team members cannot be held responsible for any acts, errors, injury, misadventures of the participants.
  • Kindly follow all the guidelines/orders enforced by the state and central Government during the walking challenge in your respective towns and cities.
  • Practice personal hygiene for your family and the other safety around you.
  • Kindly maintain social distancing while walking / Jogging / Running
  • All participants are advised to carry hydration support, energy drink, and snacks during their routine Walk/Jog/Run as per individual need to avoid muscle injury.  
  • It is mandatory for all CIOs of India members and their family members to join the CIOs of India 2021 walkathon challenge to download and integrate Strava group for recording their Walking / Jogging / Running distance and time.
  • You can use any wearable fitness devices as per your convenience and sync it with Strava as we will integrating with the mHealth Platform and track your activity from Strava
  • You can run, walk, jog to participate in the challenge. Cycling, treadmill & wheelchair activities will not be considered, and any manipulation in the record will disqualify from the event.
  • In case of any issues related to registration/data uploading query, please WhatsApp no. 9310040774


Ten commandments of health

  1. I PROMISE TO BE GOOD TO MY BODY in the year 2021.
  2. I will Walk/Run/Jog a minimum of 3 KM every day.
  3. I will try to use the stairs whenever it is possible and I will try to maintain my movement throughout the day.
  4. I will drink two to three liters of water every day as it is good for me.
  5. I will snack on nuts and vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits if I feel hungry in between meals.
  6. I will take care of my sleep this year. I will focus more on the quality of sleep than the quantity of sleep.
  7. I will remain happy, calm, and peaceful with everybody.
  8. I will motivate my family and friends towards better health.
  9. I am not competing with anyone; I am competing with myself. Health is the best reward for me.
  10. I want to be the BEST version of myself.

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