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When there is an uncertain situation and unprecedented time, we can take ourselves forward with positive thoughts. These sudden, rapid changes in the way we live, coupled with uncertainty, can feel overwhelming. While we may know that it's helpful for everyone to stay positive, it's sometimes easier said than done, but there are ways and means to achieve positivity. Remember, it will not be this way forever. This is a difficult time, but it is just that — a time.

Amid uncertainties, we tend to become negative due to overthinking, which arises from dwelling more in the past and future than focusing on the present. To overcome this, we need to realise our true identity and potentials, live in the present, have confidence and understand the law of karma. This session focuses on liberating the mind and moving towards deeper understanding & acceptance.

Learning objectives:

  • How to remain positive in uncertain times
  • Working on the antidotes to eliminate negative thoughts
  • Understanding the Law of Karma
  • Practical techniques to manage thoughts, to prevent overthinking
  • Meditation as a tool for relaxing and liberating the mind




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